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Until The End Degrassi RPG.



1. No multiple accounts in our roleplay family.

2. We are making it mandatory for characters to type up a paragraph to two paragraph roleplay. I know we all hate one lining, and even if you’re new to rp, sample para’s are easy!

3. Try to talk to everyone OOC at least once.

4. I know we all have lives, but from now on if you’re gone for more than three days without telling the mods (Mark or Jake) you’re out.

5. There will be a trial period for all newcomers. Three days to see how well you are, and if we all vote on you staying, welcome, if not, try again with a different character.

Reminder of the rules:

  1. Do not talk to other characters that are not a part of Until the End Roleplay.
  2. Keep OOC to a minimum.
  3. Keep to the essence of your characters. We are canon/AU, which means we will be able to create our own storylines, but we still have to maintain the essence of our characters.
  4. All roles have a trial period and are subject to change.

These rules need to be kept in mind as we are hoping to have a legitimate RP.


1) Anyone in our RP family that starts OOC drama will be kicked out.

This is a roleplay family, and OOC drama is not welcomed. Consequences will follow should this OOC drama persist and/or occur. If there is any OOC drama, please, contact us, and we will get the issues sorted it out. There is no need to allow OOC drama to fester.


2) No anon tryouts, please. If you are interested in our roleplay, please try out UNANON so we are clear of who you are, and how we can contact you.

3 years ago on 27 June 2011 @ 12:25am